The hackathon will be held at the recently-opened Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University: 4200 Hillen Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Message from Dr. Bapna, Department Chair

On behalf of the faculty, students, and staff of the department of Information Science and Systems (INSS) at Morgan State University, I would like to welcome you to Charm City Codes website and the hackathon on September 29th. Charm City Codes’s one day hackathon is an excellent way to get to learn about the jobs of the future, where opportunities abound. Future jobs are mostly computer related and this is the avenue for you to get seriously thinking about your future.

The INSS department has a rich array of programs in research and education including one of the most competitive STEM programs, B.S. in Information Science and Systems. The B.S. in I.S.S Program enables the student to develop a solid foundation in key information systems and in organizational and business skills. It prepares students to work in an organization as Systems/Business Analysts; Web-based Application Developers; Enterprise IT Consultants; Mobile App Designers; Database Analysts; Database Administrators; Network Analysts; Information Security Analysts; Risk Analysts; Compliance and Auditing Analysts; IT Entrepreneurs.

Our new building has state-of-the-art learning resources. We have a specialized Network and Security Simulation Lab, where students can learn about computer networks and cybersecurity utilizing hardware and software that only be installed in these types of dedicated secure facilities. We have been honored to receive the Northrop Grumman award that prepares students for careers in cybersecurity. Many of our students have availed of this opportunity - with over twenty students undergoing free training that will result in them obtaining Security+ certifications. The program has been so successful that the Maryland legislatures have passed Bill SB 615, creating funding for every student at Morgan to take up these certifications without any cost to the student. We also offer a comprehensive coverage of cybersecurity in our curriculum, along with Data Analytics. We are also excited to be the leading innovator in bringing the latest technologies on Cloud computing to our students and will launch a Cloud computing lab in the very near future, with very generous support from Amazon, our Advisory Board partners and our Alumni.

The department of Information Science and Systems with its thirty-year history is among the region’s premier technology departments, bringing together an outstanding cadre of educators and researchers in the Graves School of Business and Management. The Graves School is accredited by the prestigious AACSB International. Less than 5 percent of business schools achieve the business accreditation, and about 1 percent achieve the accounting accreditation. We have both of those. Morgan State University is committed to providing us resources for us to maintain such resources.

The INSS department is also very much engaged with the business community. Our INSS Advisory Board, comprised of local and national business leaders, helps us to ensure that our curriculum is infused with the most current business needs and practices complemented by the cutting-edge research conducted by our faculty. We believe that the partnership between our department and the business community is a key element to the strength of our programs. Students are exposed to innovations in information technology through frequently updated courses that are grounded in the latest curriculum models. Their education is highly applicable to business through involvement in internships and professional organizations such as Project Management Institute and the Student Chapter of AITP. Our students are well prepared to use information technology to add value to organizations, making them highly sought after individuals for full-time employment.

The department has 14 full-time faculty members and 9 practitioners as part-time faculty and enjoys a collaborative culture that affords numerous opportunities for inter/intra-disciplinary research. The department’s faculty serve as journal editors, principal investigators on sponsored research, and are active in regional, national, and international professional conferences and meetings. Our faculty have made significant contributions to the IS field through research that has been published in leading journals.

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Sanjay Bapna, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair