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Join us on September 29th at Morgan State University for a one-day hackathon.
Registration closed! See you there!
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Charm City Codes is a hackathon for high school students in the Baltimore Area

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Starting in the morning, individuals or teams will have eight hours to build any product that they can imagine. We've seen anything from a Java program to an iOS application to AI generated art. The only requirement is that you can't begin the project before the "hacking" time begins.


Charm City Codes is designed to be a fun competition for programmers of all skill levels. There will be both a Beginner and Advanced category, each with different prizes so that whether you've never written a line of code in your life or you've been coding for years, you'll have a fair chance at winning. Even if you don't win a prize you'll still get plenty of awesome swag from us and our sponsors (t-shirts, food, API credits, etc.)!


We'll have mentors/coding gurus ready to provide help as you need it. Think about it as Stack Overflow, but in person! The will also be a series of optional workshops/seminars throughout the day: some will cover introductory topics, and some will cover more advanced facets of computer science.

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